• Comfortable

    We investigated, collaborated, and verified our fabrics are the best in the world. We looked to nature to make you feel au naturel. You break down beach trees, pull the fibers, spin the thread and bam, the shaft of a tree supporting the shaft of man. Talent respects talent.

  • Intentional

    Hundreds of hours of staring at, studying and thinking about guys junk. Thats how much we care about yours. You're f*cking welcome. Soft and roomy for your best friend; cooling and support for the boys.

  • Functional

    Our hammocks aren't just cool looking and soft. We built them with real life in mind. The fabrics on the inside are chosen for you, the fabrics on the outside are chosen for your partner (or partners.. you sly dog).

Shorts Breakdown


The hammock, or Banana Cabana as we like to call it isn't meant to hold your stuff like you're packing it up for a move. It's just that: a hammock.

Something you can drop into and jump out of. Enough to stop you from swinging all over the place but plenty of room to still catch a breeze.

Keep in mind this hammock is usually just going to house the banana, and not the coconuts.


The liner is focused on two things, giving you plenty of room, and not riding on up on you when you get up from sitting or laying down.

Its luxuriously soft and stretchy to make almost any thigh fit and won't bind or twist like boxers when you're sleeping. Once you only have one thing to slide on and off, you'll never go back.


Close your eyes. Your standing in the jungle of southeast Asia. You look up at this massive hardwood standing before you, and you think. I want my balls against this.

Well... we have gone and made that little day dream a reality for you. The fibers of the Beech tree are what are supporting your team of rascals when you put on a pair of the Alldays. Taking the organic fibers of the tree, soaking and pulling them apart to dry and spin them together is what gives our fabric its wonderful bounce and elasticity.

These fabrics have a low reactivity on sensative skin, break down further with each wash to get softer, and did we mention we added cooling and anti-bacterial properties to them as well.

Yeah, its pretty much the best fabric on the planet.


We spent an unbelievable amount of time on the waistband. You wouldn't think its that important but turns out it is. The physics behind elastic structures is more complex than we remembered from the 11th grade. Getting the exterior to lay flat and not bunch up, while making sure that it offered enough strength to not sag with a phone in your pocket but not so tight as to leave impressions on your skin is a very fine line.

We think we nailed it using the forever fabric that is polyester, but if you have any thoughts, comments, concerns, praises, or emotions about our waistband, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page!