Pajama Hammocks is truly a labor of love. Starting with a "why do all pajamas for guys suck?" to rubbing fabric on our nuts to see which felt best.

We set out to create the best thing to wear. Not the most stylish, not the most in-fashion t-shirt collection or the tux you wear to the Met Gala. But the thing you want to wear when there is nothing other than comfort at stake.

Just because you modeled in college doesn't mean you still got it...

Scott Coombs is our Big Banana. Chief decision maker, and temporary product model. With a background in modeling for beer money and biotech startups, he was the obvious choice to lead this team.


Kate and Kyle run legal and business development. They keep the team out of trouble and the lights on.

Incoming Troops

Evan and Logan Troop made the dream real. Believing in the mission, the product and the team. Without them, PJH would have never gotten off the ground.