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Pajama Hammocks

Slate Gray

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The ultimate sleep short. Sleek shell with a built-in liner & hammock for ultimate support. Incredibly soft, thoughtfully designed, and rigorously tested to give you all-night comfort you won't want to take off, nor do you need to. Upgrade to sleep shorts that prioritize your comfort no matter how long you keep them on. 

Size Guide

Waist Size

Small: 28-30"

Medium: 30-32"

Large: 32-36"

Extra-Large: 36+"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All Lengths Are 5" Inseams

Fabric Composition

77% Micro Modal

17% Polyester

6% Spandex

    Slate Gray
    Slate Gray
    Slate Gray
    Slate Gray
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    You Deserve It


    What Size Should I Get

    Check out the size guide above, but our waist bands are pretty flexible. If you're smaller than a 29 waist, the small will still get pretty close. Especially with the draw strings. Our XLs will fit someone up to about a 42 waist.

    Whats With The Pouch

    Oh, the banana cabana? Thats where your little buddy gets to chill out. Catching a light breeze and cradled by the softest fabric known to man, and banana. The point of it is to separate the skin to skin contact that keeps you hot and sticky. No more taking that w-i-d-e step when you first get up. Not to mention a helpful bit of ventilation when you're laying down.

    Are there more colors?

    More colors will be coming soon! Since we are just getting our feet wet, we spent our funding on R&D to make the best shorts possible. We have more colors in the pipeline.

    I have never heard of micro-modal...

    Micro-Modal has been around for a few years but it is just starting to get traction in mass production. Its made by taking the fibers from beach trees, mashing them up, drying and pulling them apart. Spinning them into thread and then into fabric. The shaft of a tree supporting the shaft of a man. Talent respects talent.


    "The inner liner is so soft! Definitely beats my normal cotton boxers. I love that the waistband doesn't sag with my phone in my pocket too."

    Cameron D, Chicago IL.

    "My girl bought these for me after complaining that I was taking out the trash cans in my underwear. BOOM. These things are sick, but the neighbors don't get as good of a show."

    Bryce T, Dallas TX.

    "I would give it 6.9 stars if I could."

    Burt K, Los Angeles

    "I got to get a pair of the pre-orders for my boyfriend. Going to get some more for my brothers for the holidays!"

    Lauren K, Denver, CO

    "I have both of the colors but want more. I wear these everyday."

    Benjamin V, Orlando FL.